Nicholas G Hirst

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Using cross-sectional survey data from Brisbane, Australia, this study identifies prevalence and factors associated with indoor tanning in office workers. Over 12-months, 72/2867 (2.5%) survey participants used solaria. Twenty-eight sunbed users (39%) tanned outdoors and used spray-tans and 42 (58%) reported burns after indoor tanning. Results from(More)
BACKGROUND Many smoking-cessation programs and pharmaceutical aids demonstrate substantial health gains for a relatively low allocation of resources. Genetic information represents a type of individualized or personal feedback regarding the risk of developing lung cancer, and hence the potential benefits from stopping smoking, may motivate the person to(More)
Ultraviolet radiation in the A wavelength band (315-400 nm) UVB Ultraviolet radiation in the B wavelength band (280-315 nm) UVC Ultraviolet radiation in the C wavelength band (100-280 nm) UVR Ultraviolet radiation WHO World Health Organisation 3 Executive Summary In line with several leading international organisations, there is growing concern about the(More)
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