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FlexCam is a novel compound camera platform that explores interactions with color photographic prints using thinfilm flexible color displays. FlexCam augments a thinfilm color Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode (FOLED) photographic viewfinder display with an array of lenses at the back. Our prototype allows for the photograph to act as a camera,(More)
In early design, instrumenting an object with touch sensing capability, especially one with complex surface geometry, can be problematic. In this paper, we show how resistive graph patterns--or <i>resigraphs</i>--can be used to quickly fabricate multi-touch sensors tailored to an object's shape. In very early ideation, resigraphs can be drawn using(More)
The FlexStylus is a prototype system that embeds sensors measuring analog flex input in a computer stylus. Through fiber optic sensing, the device detects both absolute extent and angle of flexion. The device was designed to allow these two channels of analog input, as well as derived parameters such as rate and relative motion, to augment the basic x/y(More)
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