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Nonviolence as a civic virtue: Gandhi and reformed liberalism
In my book The Virtue of Non-Violence: From Gautama to Gandhi, I reformu late Mohandas K. Gandhi's ethics of nonviolence from a virtue perspective and argue that he can be seen as a constructiveExpand
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The Dancing Ru: A Confucian Aesthetics of Virtue
Feminist and postmodern critics appear to have placed the final nail in the coffin of the traditional idea of ethics as obedience to a moral code. For postmodernists, universal moral laws are theExpand
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The yogī and the Goddess
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Whitehead, Confucius, and the aesthetics of virtue
The most constructive response to the crisis in moral theory has been the revival of virtue ethics, an ethics that has the advantages of being personal, contextual, and, as this paper will argue,Expand
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Confucius, Gandhi and the Aesthetics of Virtue
Both Confucius and Gandhi were fervent political reformers and this paper argues that their views of human nature and the self-society-world relationship are instructively similar. Gandhi neverExpand
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Convention and Necessity
Many contemporary philosophers read the later Wittgenstein as propounding a transcendental view.2 The transcendental reading takes our forms of life3 to be unified fixed limits on what counts asExpand