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Nine skeletons found in a shallow grave in Ekaterinburg, Russia, in July 1991, were tentatively identified by Russian forensic authorities as the remains of the last Tsar, Tsarina, three of their five children, the Royal Physician and three servants. We have performed DNA based sex testing and short tandem repeat (STR) analysis and confirm that a family(More)
Published empirical evidence for the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV) does not address some essential questions pertaining to the applied practice of intellectual assessment. In this study, the structure and cross-age invariance of the latest WAIS-IV revision were examined to (a) elucidate the nature of the constructs measured and(More)
The Flynn effect (FE; i.e., increase in mean IQ scores over time) is commonly viewed as reflecting population shifts in intelligence, despite the fact that most FE studies have not investigated the assumption of score comparability. Consequently, the extent to which these mean differences in IQ scores reflect population shifts in cognitive abilities versus(More)
OBJECTIVES To study changes in ED utilization over a ten-year period; and to try to identify factors that affect utilization. METHODS This study was conducted in a university-affiliated rural tertiary referral center in a stage 1 managed care market, providing primary emergency services to a county of 120,000 and tertiary services to a 29-county area with(More)
The purpose of this study was to test the invariance of scores derived from the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Ability (WJ III COG) and Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Academic Achievement (WJ III ACH) across a group of students diagnosed with learning disorders (n = 994) and a matched sample of students without known clinical diagnoses (n = 994).(More)
To explore factors contributing to increased emergency department (ED) utilization, this retrospective chart review compared ED visits for a 2-week period in both 1992 and 2000 at a rural, tertiary medical center. Total ED visits increased 455 between the periods (% increase = 28.6%), whereas county population increased 18,253 (% increase = 16.1%) (P <(More)
A survey of 577 high school students was conducted to assess attitudes toward eating and their relationship to demographic and personality characteristics. Students completed a demographic questionnaire, and Eating Attitude Test (EAT-26) and the Basic Personality Inventory (A-BPI). When a cut-off score of 20 on EAT-26 was applied, overall prevalence of(More)
OBJECTIVES Emergency physicians (EPs) make dispositions for every patient in the emergency department (ED) and often require agreement from inpatient services to admit medical patients to the hospital. Sometimes disagreements arise. The authors sought to determine in their institution disposition concordance between EPs and admitting medical services of(More)
The critical operator determinants for X repressor recognition have been defined by analyzing the binding of wild-type repressor to a set of mutant operators in vivo. Base pair substitutions at six positions within the X operator half-site impair binding severely, and define these base pairs as critical for operator function. One mutant operator binds(More)