Nicholas Emerson

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The inability to repair the damaged membrane may be one of the key mechanisms underlying the severe neuronal degeneration and overall functional loss seen in in vivo spinal cord injury and traumatic axonal injury in blunt head trauma. Promoting membrane resealing following damage may therefore constitute a potential effective therapeutic intervention in(More)
A study was conducted in Hong Kong with the aim of deriving algorithms for the retrieval of turbidity, chlorophyII a and suspended solids concentrations from Terra/MODIS 500m level 1B reflectance data. Rigorous atmospheric correction using Radiative Transfer Model coupled with the inputs of AERONET data and MODIS atmospheric products was carried out for(More)
A differential Hall effect technique has been developed to obtain doping profiles at a depth resolution down to 2 nm with junction depths of about 20 nm. We have determined the electrical characteristics of 5 ϫ 10 14 Sb + cm −2 implanted in (100) silicon at an energy of 5 keV. A comparison was made between carrier concentration profiles and secondary ion(More)
This paper outlines the use of a finite element model to simulate the behaviour for a standard steel bicycle frames under a range of measured load cases. These load cases include those measured both in the laboratory setting and also in the field, and include loads transmitted at key areas such as the dropouts and hub, the bottom bracket and drive, the(More)
UNLABELLED Nonimmobilizers (inhaled compounds that do not suppress movement in response to a noxious stimulus) resemble anesthetics in their capacity to suppress memory, but unlike anesthetics, they can cause convulsions. Higher concentrations of nonimmobilizers may cause death, even with apparent suppression of convulsions by the concurrent administration(More)
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