Nicholas E. Lownes

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Traffic microsimulation is increasingly a preferred method of traffic analysis for today's transportation professionals. The importance of properly calibrating these traffic simulations is evidenced by the adoption of microsimulation calibration standards by several state and federal transportation authorities. A component of the calibration process is the(More)
High-speed rail (HSR) holds promise as an investment to modernize our country's transportation infrastructure and serve as a driver for our national economy. The five-hundred billion dollar price tag necessitates thorough analysis and planning upfront to ensure long-term success, including a well formulated vulnerability analysis to identify an optimal(More)
During the past decade, the international community has witnessed several attacks on forms of mass transportation such as train stations and subways. The Department of Homeland Security requested that we develop methods to assess the security of mass transit in order to mitigate the vulnerability of the nation's public transportation systems. We present a(More)
Ensuring transportation network security is one of the most daunting challenges confronting homeland security agencies today. Significant research has been dedicated to model and analyze the vulnerability of transportation systems, yet notably fewer studies propose specific strategies for deploying defensive technologies to safeguard these systems. The(More)
Hazardous materials (hazmat) transportation vehicles can be viewed as potential targets for terrorist attack because of the serious health and environmental risk produced by hazmat release. Some effective approaches in attack and disaster preparation are to restrict the transportation of hazmat on some high risk links, design robust routing schemes that(More)
A city-wide deployment of advanced sensing technology will, undoubtedly, transform the way we live and interact with the surroundings. A countless number of applications would be feasible if such deployment is available. Of immense importance is the protection of roads and other important infrastructure of a city. This is only one such application.(More)
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