Nicholas E. Flores

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Bergstrom showed that a necessary condition for a Pareto optimum with non-paternalistic altruism is classification as a selfish Pareto optimum. This paper shows that Bergstrom's result does not generalize to the benefit-cost analysis of generic changes in public goods. There may exist good projects that will be rejected by a selfish-benefit cost test, a(More)
  • Ben Searchinger, Ben Searchinger@colorado, Edu, Benjamin R Searchinger, Advisor, Nicholas E Flores
  • 2015
0 This study experimentally implements theories [14] about consumer preferences toward environmental policies that hypothetically decrease the uncertainty of consequences of global temperature increase. We first measure individual risk and time preferences, then conduct a series of choice experiments using investments in a global warming model. We find that(More)
The CAPM Project features the development and evaluation of an automat ed, robotic on-demand scanning system for materials at remote locations. To date, we have developed a book retrieval robot and a valuation analysis framework for evaluating CAPM. We intend to augment CAPM by exploring approaches for automated page turning and improved valuation. These(More)
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