Nicholas Djeu

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The feasibility of using a severely aberrated pump beam to amplify effectively without distortion a diffraction-limited Raman beam has been studied. In these experiments the XeCl laser served as the pump and H(2) as the Raman medium. Degradation of the amplified Stokes beam quality with increase in the Raman gain was observed and measured.
We have demonstrated a room-temperature laser on the (6)H(13/2) - (6)H(15/2) transition of Dy(3+) in Dy:BaYb(2)F(8) at 3.40 mum . A pulsed 1.3-microm Nd:YAG laser was used as the pump. Our measured spontaneous-emission spectrum for the (6)H(13/2) - (6)H(15/2) band indicates that this laser should be continuously tunable between 3.0 and 3.4 mum .
We report the measurement of degenerate coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) in a high-finesse optical microcavity, with an atmospheric gas as the nonlinear medium. Unlike the well-known bulk process in which index-dispersion compensation is required for phase-matching, efficient microcavity CARS involves a resonant coupling at the Stokes, pump, and(More)