Nicholas David Bowman

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This paper proposes a new and reliable metric for measuring character attachment (CA), the connection felt by a video game player toward a video game character. Results of construct validity analyses indicate that the proposed CA scale has a significant relationship with self-esteem, addiction, game enjoyment, and time spent playing games; all of these(More)
A growing area of video game research considers factors external to games that might predict both observed in-game and physical world decisions. One factor may be an individual's habitual behaviors, such as their physical activity routines. Because the authors tend to automate behaviors that they repeat in stable circumstances or contexts, virtual(More)
Keywords: Narcissism Social networking site Online privacy Self-esteem Computer anxiety Concern for information privacy a b s t r a c t This study suggests narcissism as an important psychological factor that predicts one's behavioral intention to control information privacy on SNS. Particularly, we approach narcissism as a two-dimensional(More)