Nicholas D. Sylvester

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This research focuses on the relative importance of fingerpad skin stretch on the perception of friction. It is hypothesized that the perceived magnitude of friction rendered by traditional force feedback can be increased through the addition of fingertip skin stretch. Perceptual data are presented from two separate tests performed on nine male subjects.(More)
It has been demonstrated that Thiobacillus denitrificans may be readily cultivated anaerobically in batch reactors on H(2)S (g) under sulfide-limiting conditions. Under these conditions sulfide concentrations in the culture medium were less than 1 microM, resulting in very low concentrations of H(2)S in the reactor outlet gas. The stoichiometry of the(More)
This work focuses on the relative importance of skin stretch imposed on the fingerpad on the perception of friction. Perceptual data is presented from two separate tests. The first experiment was designed to determine the perceptual thresholds for friction based on a Karnopp friction model. In this experiment friction was rendered as purely a kinesthetic(More)
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