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Comparative analysis of molecular sequence data is essential for reconstructing the evolutionary histories of species and inferring the nature and extent of selective forces shaping the evolution of genes and species. Here, we announce the release of Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis version 5 (MEGA5), which is a user-friendly software for mining(More)
Acknowledgments I would like to thank the following people for helping me get as far as I have today. First of all I would like to thank my advisor Mike Roggemann. Not only did you give me this chance to continue my education on the graduate level, but you have helped me at every step along the way. I would also like to thank Dan Hand and John Stryjewski(More)
Bicondylar fractures of the tibia, representing the Schatzker V and VI fractures represent a challenging problem. Any treatment protocol should aim at restoring articular congruity and the metaphyseo-diaphsyeal dissociation (MDD)-both of these are equally important to long-term outcome. Both internal and external fixations have their proponents, and each(More)
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