Nicholas Cox

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BACKGROUND Sirolimus-eluting stents (SESs) reduce angiographic restenosis in patients with focal, native coronary artery stenoses. This study evaluated the usefulness of SESs in complex native-vessel lesions at high risk for restenosis. METHODS AND RESULTS Angiographic follow-up at 240 days was obtained in 701 patients with long (15- to 25-mm) lesions in(More)
— This paper addresses the problem of hybrid output regulation for linear systems in the case where the jumps of the system and exosystem state are triggered by a clock variable that is not measured. We extend the result presented in [13] by complementing the hybrid internal model-based regulator design proposed in that paper with a hybrid clock phase(More)
— We consider the hybrid output regulation problem for minimum phase linear systems with relative degree greater than one. In the hybrid output regulation problem, the disturbances, which are assumed to be matched with the control input, evolve through a hybrid dynamical system that experiences jumps periodically. In constructing an output regulator for(More)
We present experimental data for an ankle exoskeleton that provides a metabolic benefit during running. Intuitively, there is an optimal level of power that any particular human can accept and use to benefit walking or running, which is a function of the particular human, the selected gait, and speed. We provide and discuss modeling optimization results to(More)
BACKGROUND Hospital admissions for heart failure are predicted to rise substantially over the next decade placing increasing pressure on the health care system. There is an urgent need to redesign systems of care for heart failure to improve evidence-based practice and create seamless transitions through the continuum of care. The aim of the review was to(More)
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