Nicholas Clark

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In animals, glucose concentrations are 3-20 times lower in lung lining fluid than in plasma. In humans, glucose concentrations are normally low (<1 mmol/l) in nasal and bronchial fluid, but they are elevated by inflammation or hyperglycemia. Furthermore, elevated bronchial glucose is associated with increased respiratory infection in intensive care(More)
Pathophysiological stress from acute illness causes metabolic disturbance, including altered hepatic glucose metabolism, increased peripheral insulin resistance and hyperglycaemia. Acute hyperglycaemia is associated with increased morbidity and mortality in patients in intensive care units and patients with acute respiratory disease. The present review will(More)
Fifty-eight solid organ transplant recipients with zygomycosis were studied to assess the presentation, radiographic characteristics, risks for extra-pulmonary dissemination and mortality of pulmonary zygomycosis. Pulmonary zygomycosis was documented in 31 patients (53%) and developed a median of 5.5 months (interquartile range, 2-11 months)(More)
BACKGROUND Thyroid and parathyroid procedures historically have been viewed as inpatient procedures. Because of the advancements in surgical techniques, these procedures were transferred from the inpatient operating room (OR) to the outpatient OR at a single academic institution approximately 7 y ago. The goal of this study was to determine whether this(More)
The effect of a magnetic foil placed in the PPT/Rx Firm Molded Insole on the relief of heel pain was determined using the foot function index. Nineteen patients wore the PPT/Rx Firm Molded Insoles with the magnetic foil for 4 weeks and 15 patients wore the same PPT/Rx Firm Molded Insole with no magnetic foil for the same time. Approximately 60% of patients(More)
BACKGROUND Benign multinodular goiter (MNG) is one of the most commonly treated thyroid disorders. Although bilateral resection is the accepted surgical treatment for bilateral MNG, the appropriate surgical resection for unilateral MNG continues to be debated. Bilateral resection generally has lower recurrence rates but higher complication rates than(More)
BACKGROUND Patients traditionally recover overnight on a general surgery ward after a thyroidectomy; however, these units often lack the efficiency and focus for rapid discharge, which is the goal of a short-stay (SS) unit. Using an SS unit for thyroidectomy patients, who are often discharged in <24 h, may reduce the duration of hospital stay and(More)
A clinical study was performed to evaluate the efficacy of the Viscoped Insole as compared with an 1/8-inch PORON medical materials insole in the treatment of lesser submetatarsal hyperkeratotic callosities. Thirty-five patients, ranging in age from 23 through 61 years (average 42 years) were randomly divided into three groups. All three groups initially(More)
Malignant aortic tumors occur infrequently. At least 70 cases of primary aortic malignancies have been reported in the literature. Within this group, chondrosarcoma is exceedingly rare, with only 1 case having been reported. An aortic chondrosarcoma developed in our patient and embolized to the small bowel and lower extremities. Although initially thought(More)
Although abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a common problem in elderly patients, AAA is rare in children. Despite its rarity, early diagnosis is imperative to prevent limb-threatening or fatal complications. The treatment may be complicated, because it must allow for the growth of the child. A saccular AAA in an 11-year-old boy, complicated by three(More)