Nicholas Cassimatis

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Effective collaboration between robots and humans requires the use of an efficient interface whereby a human can communicate and interact with a robot almost as efficiently as he/she would with another human. In this interaction the human may act as a supervisor and/or collaborator with the robot. Human-robot collaboration is facilitated by a number of(More)
Cognitive scientists attempting to explain human intelligence share a puzzle with artificial intelligence researchers aiming to create computers that exhibit human-level intelligence: how can a system composed of relatively unintelligent parts (such as neurons or transistors) behave intelligently? I argue that although cognitive science has made significant(More)
This thesis presents an approach to selecting an alternative from a collection of plausible ones. We describe an agent that implements the approach with an iterative algorithm that causes one alternative to stand out as a clear leader. The approach is applied to the more specific problem of interactive recognition. The presented algorithm locates(More)
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