Nicholas C. Gloy

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Instruction cache performance is very important to instruction fetch efficiency and overall processor performance. The layout of an executable has a substantial effect on the cache miss rate during execution. This means that the performance of an executable can be improved significantly by applying a code-placement algorithm that minimizes instruction cache(More)
Modern high-performance architectures require extremely accurate branch prediction to overcome the performance limitations of conditional branches. We present a framework that categorizes branch prediction schemes by the way in which they partition dynamic branches and by the kind of predictor that they use. The framework allows us to compare and contrast(More)
As processor architectures have increased their reliance on speculative execution to improve performance, the importance of accurate prediction of what to execute speculatively has increased. Furthermore, the types of values predicted have expanded from the ubiquitous branch and call/return targets to the prediction of indirect jump targets, cache ways and(More)
The Morph system provides a framework for automatic collection and management of profile information and application of profile-driven optimizations. In this paper, we focus on the operating system support that is required to collect and manage profile information on an end-user's workstation in an automatic, continuous, and transparent manner. Our(More)
Recent studies of dynamic branch prediction schemes rely almost exclusively on user-only simulations to evaluate performance. We find that an evaluation of these schemes with user and kernel references often leads to different conclusions. By analyzing our own Atom-generated system traces and the system traces from the Instruction Benchmark Suite, we(More)
Accurate static branch prediction is the key to many tech-niquesfor exposing, enhancing, and exploiting Instruction Level Parallelism (ILP). The initial work on static correlated branch prediction (SCBP) demonstrated improvements in branch prediction accuracy, but did not address overall pe~ormance. In particula~ SCBP expands the size of executable(More)
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