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The Influence of Elections on Special District Revenue Policies: Special Democracies or Automatons of the State?
THE MOST PREVALENT form of government in the United States is also the most obscure. Special districts, defi ned as “independent, limited-purpose local governments that exist as separate legalExpand
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Pick Your Poison: The Exercise of Local Discretion on Special District Governance
For a sizeable minority of special districts, the form of district governance is not fully determined by state law. Many states allow the groups who instigate incorporation to decide whether a newExpand
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The Effect of Limiting Participation in Special District Elections to Property Owners: A Research Note
Scholars have found significant policy differences between special districts governed by elected officials and those overseen by appointees. However, their research ignores U.S. Supreme Court rulingsExpand
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The Possibility of a Housing Authority
This study uses urban regime theory to understand the events surrounding Fargo urban renewal during the 1950s. Specifically, it focuses upon the struggle between realtors, banking officers,Expand
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