Nicholas Assimakis

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The relation between the discrete time Lainiotis filter on the one side and the golden section and the Fibonacci sequence on the other is established. As far as the random walk system is concerned, the relation between the Lainiotis filter and the golden section is derived through the Riccati equation since the steady state estimation error covariance is(More)
Keywords: Positive definite matrices Riccati equation Kalman filter Lainiotis filter Golden section Fibonacci sequence a b s t r a c t We consider the discrete time Kalman and Lainiotis filters for multidimensional stochastic dynamic systems and investigate the relation between the golden section, the Fibonacci sequence and the parameters of the filters.(More)
We present two time invariant models for Global Systems for Mobile (GSM) position tracking, which describe the movement in x-axis and y-axis simultaneously or separately. We present the time invariant filters as well as the steady state filters: the classical Kalman filter and Lainiotis Filter and the Join Kalman Lainiotis Filter, which consists of the(More)
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