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What Triggers Public Opposition to Immigration? Anxiety, Group Cues, and Immigration Threat
We examine whether and how elite discourse shapes mass opinion and action on immigration policy. One popular but untested suspicion is that reactions to news about the costs of immigration dependExpand
Does Attack Advertising Demobilize the Electorate
We address the effects of negative campaign advertising on turnout. Using a unique experimental design in which advertising tone is manipulated within the identical audiovisual context, we find thatExpand
Crime News and the Priming of Racial Attitudes during Evaluations of the President
This study explores the news media's ability to activate racial attitudes via stereotypic portrayals of minorities in common local crime coverage. The central hypothesis is that crime news containingExpand
Is a Worried Citizen a Good Citizen? Emotions, Political Information Seeking, and Learning via the Internet
In this study we explore the mediating role of emotions in the process of becoming a politically informed citizen. Contrary to previous studies, we expect that anger and anxiety will have muchExpand
Cues that Matter: How Political Ads Prime Racial Attitudes During Campaigns
Recent evidence suggests that elites can capitalize on preexisting linkages between issues and social groups to alter the criteria citizens use to make political decisions. In particular, studiesExpand
A Spiral of Cynicism for Some: The Contingent Effects of Campaign News Frames on Participation and Confidence in Government
This article explores the impact of strategy-based campaign coverage on turnout and confidence in government. Recent theoretical advances suggest that variables such as sophistication and involvementExpand
Politics Matters: Political Events as Catalysts for Preadult Socialization
We propose that (1) the preadult socialization of longstanding, stable predispositions is catalyzed by exogenous political events; (2) such events socialize attitudes selectively, only in theExpand
Old Times There Are Not Forgotten: Race and Partisan Realignment in the Contemporary South
Our focus is the regional political realignment that has occurred among whites over the past four decades. We hypothesize that the South's shift to the Republican party has been driven to aExpand
The Impact of Economic and Cultural Cues on Support for Immigration in Canada and the United States
Abstract. Past research suggests that citizens' attitudes toward immigration are driven by perceptions of immigrants' (a) economic status and (b) ethnicity. In this study, we use an online surveyExpand
Selective Exposure in the Internet Age: The Interaction between Anxiety and Information Utility
The rise of the Internet forces scholars to reevaluate the frequency and nature of political information seeking in the contemporary period. The functionality of the Internet makes passive exposureExpand