Nicholas A Weida

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Stress is thought to be a potent suppressor of reproduction. However, the vast majority of studies focus on the relationship between chronic stress and reproductive suppression, despite the fact that chronic stress is rare in the wild. We investigated the role of fasting in altering acute stress physiology, reproductive physiology, and reproductive behavior(More)
I n his 2008 research letter, Ebell 1 highlights the relationship between residency fill rates and physician specialty salary (r=0.82). Mullan referred to this as the “white-follows-green law.” In the same issue, Salsberg et al reported that graduate medical education (GME) expansion since funding caps were put in place favored nonprimary care specialties(More)
BACKGROUND Resident attitudes toward the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) likely influence the ACGME's effectiveness in its role of ensuring compliance with its requirements. Beyond perceptions of duty hour limits and their enforcement, there is a lack of data on resident perceptions of the ACGME and its role. OBJECTIVE We(More)
Volume 82, Number 2 American Family Physician 121 Since the 1997 Balanced Budget Act capped funding for graduate medical education (GME) programs, overall growth in GME has continued (+7.8 percent), but primary care specialties have experienced a substantial decline in their number of programs and residency positions. This decline will(More)
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