Nicholas A R Jones

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We reanalyze brane inflation with brane-brane interactions at an angle, which include the special case of brane-anti-brane interaction. If nature is described by a stringy realization of the brane world scenario today (with arbitrary compactification), and if some additional branes were present in the early universe, we find that an inflationary epoch is(More)
Species with broader geographical ranges are expected to be ecological generalists, while species with higher heat tolerances may be relatively competitive at more extreme and increasing temperatures. Thus, both traits are expected to relate to increased survival during transport to new regions of the globe, and once there, establishment and spread. Here,(More)
Artificial lighting is a particular problem for animals active at night. Approximately 69% of mammal species are nocturnal, and one-third of these are bats. Due to their extensive movements-both on a nightly basis to exploit ephemeral food supplies, and during migration between roosts-bats have an unusually high probability of encountering artificial light(More)
We elaborate on the recently proposed static brane world scenario, where the effective 4-D cosmological constant is exponentially small when parallel 3-branes are far apart. We extend this result to a compactified model with two positive tension branes. Besides an exponentially small effective 4-D cos-mological constant, this model incorporates a(More)
Ground-based remote sensing global networks have been actively monitoring, developing instrumentation, and pushing the boundaries of analysis techniques for the last 15 years or more. One such network, the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC), has deployed spectroscopic UV/Visible, near and mid-IR, microwave and mm-wave(More)
Recently a brane world perspective on the cosmological constant and the hierarchy problems was presented. Here, we elaborate on some aspects of that particular scenario and discuss the stability of the stationary brane solution and the dynamics of a probe brane. Even though the brane is unstable under a small perturbation from its stationary position, such(More)
To investigate external facial morphology and cell proliferation patterns and their relationship with cleft lip malformation in mice, we need to compare samples of mice tissue photographs and surface reconstructions from micro-CT scans obtained from mouse embryos. Tissue samples obtained through digital photography are typically misaligned with respect to(More)
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