Nicholas A. Pike

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The use of regional anesthesia (ie, epidural, spinal, or caudal) has been reported in a few small series of children undergoing cardiac surgery, but not in larger studies. In this retrospective, descriptive study, we report the results of the use of regional anesthesia in 220 pediatric cardiac operations. We reviewed the records of children receiving a(More)
A chain of metallic particles, of sufficiently small diameter and spacing, allows linearly polarized plasmonic waves to propagate along the chain. In this paper, we consider how these waves are altered when the host is a nematic or cholesteric liquid crystal (NLC or CLC). In an NLC host, with the principal axis (director) oriented either parallel or(More)
In the limit of low adatom concentration, we obtain exact analytic expressions for the local and total density of states (LDOS, TDOS) for a tight-binding model of adatoms on graphene. The model is not limited to nearest-neighbor hopping but can include hopping between carbon atoms at any separation. We also find an analytical expression for the spectral(More)
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