Nicholas A. John

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In the first article in this 2-part series, we outlined a psychobiological model of psychiatric treatment and reviewed the evidence showing psychotherapy to be a form of biological intervention that induces lasting alterations in brain structure and function. In this second article, we focus on the adaptive model of psychopathology, the effectiveness of(More)
Water monitor lizards (Varanus salvator) swim using sinusoidal oscillations generated at the base of their long (50% of total body length) tail. In an effort to determine which level of the structural/organizational hierarchy of muscle is associated with functional segregation between the muscles of the tail base, an array of muscle features-myosin heavy(More)
Economic, political, and ideological landscapes have impacted the practice of psychiatry throughout its evolution as a medical discipline. Despite enormous scientific advances over the course of the past century, many psychiatrists continue to operate with a split Cartesian picture of mind versus brain and entrenched ideological positions ranging from(More)
We report on the case of a man who presented with a severe, pruritic rash 5 months prior to diagnosis of a resectable lung malignancy. A rash is a rare presentation of squamous cell carcinoma of the lung but may be the only feature of a potentially curable malignancy. Treatment of the underlying malignancy resulted in complete resolution of the rash.
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