Nicholas A Hazel

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BACKGROUND Many recent studies of serotonin transporter gene by environment effects predicting depression have used stress assessments with undefined or poor psychometric methods, possibly contributing to wide variation in findings. The present study attempted to distinguish between effects of acute and chronic stress to predict depressive symptoms at age(More)
BACKGROUND While various conceptualizations of the link between childhood adversity and later depression have been offered, most have not accounted for the possibility that early adversity predicts continuing stress proximal to depression onset. Thus, the present study tested the possible mediating role of recent stress in the association between early(More)
During the transition to adolescence, several developmental trends converge to increase the importance of peer relationships, the likelihood of peer-related stressors, and the experience of depressive symptoms. Simultaneously, there are significant changes in parent-child relationships. The current study sought to evaluate whether positive relationship(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether kangaroo holding of healthy preterm infants over the first eight weeks of an infant's life facilitates co-regulation of salivary cortisol between mother and infant. STUDY DESIGN Randomized control trial. Infants were assigned to receive 1h of daily kangaroo (skin-to-skin contact on the chest of mother) or blanket holding(More)
BACKGROUND Children of depressed mothers not only have higher risk of depression, but also may experience both elevated and continuing exposure to stressful experiences. The study tested hypotheses of the intergenerational transmission of stress and depression and examined the role of early childhood adversity and maternal depression in the interplay(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of multiple-family group treatment on distress and psychosocial resources among family caregivers of persons with schizophrenia. METHODS A total of 97 consumers with schizophrenia or another psychotic disorder and their caregivers were randomly assigned to receive multiple-family group(More)
Distinct patterns of cortisol secretion have been associated with depression in past research, but it remains unclear whether individuals at-risk for depression may also have similar patterns of cortisol secretion. This is the first study to date of both naturalistic diurnal cortisol secretion and cortisol reactivity to a psychosocial laboratory stressor in(More)
Predictors of depressive symptoms may differ before and after the first onset of major depression due to stress sensitization. Dependent stressors, or those to which characteristics of individuals contribute, have been shown to predict depressive symptoms in youth. The current study sought to clarify how stressors' roles may differ before and after the(More)
The impact of multiple-family group treatment (MFGT) on outpatient and inpatient mental health service utilization of 97 persons with schizophrenia was investigated. Participants were randomly assigned to standard care (n = 44) or standard care plus MFGT (n = 53). Service use for a year prior to randomization, the 2-year study period, and a 1-year follow-up(More)
The current multi-wave longitudinal study on childhood examined the role that social and academic self-efficacy beliefs and cognitive vulnerabilities play in predicting depressive symptoms in response to elevations in idiographic stressors. Children (N = 554; males: 51.4 %) attending second and third grade completed measures of depressive symptoms, negative(More)