Nicholai Daugaard Jensen

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The present study investigated the spontaneous, unintended body weight changes observed during the first 11 weeks of an eight months' ad libitum low-fat/high-fibre diet (25.5 energy-% fat, 58.5 energy-% carbohydrate, 3.9 g dietary fiber/MJ), primarily aimed at investigating changes in blood lipid concentrations. Subjects were normal-weight, young, healthy(More)
A combined field and laboratory scale study of 10 European lakes treated between 2006 and 2013 with a lanthanum (La) modified bentonite (LMB) to control sediment phosphorus (P) release was conducted. The study followed the responses in sediment characteristics including La and P fractions and binding forms, P adsorption capacity of discrete sediment layers,(More)
The objective of the study was to corroborate or refute the hypothesis that farmers having a high intake of organic grown commodities have a high semen quality due to their expected lower level of dietary pesticides intake. Food frequency data and semen were collected from 256 farmers (171 traditional farmers and 85 organic farmers, overall participation(More)
OBJECTIVE During the first 11 weeks of 8 months' ad libitum intake of a low fat/high fiber diet (25.5 energy-% fat, 58.5 energy-% carbohydrate, 3.9 g dietary fiber/MJ) primarily aimed at investigating the effect on blood lipids, spontaneous, unintended body weight changes occurred. The objective of the present paper was to elaborate the analyses on changes(More)
Bayerite was treated under hydrothermal conditions (120, 130, 140, and 150 °C) to prepare a series of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) with an ideal composition of ZnAl4(OH)12(SO4)0.5·nH2O (ZnAl4-LDHs). These products were investigated by both bulk techniques (powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD), transmission electron microscopy, and elemental analysis) and(More)
Recent advances in computational methodology allowed for first-principles calculations of the nuclear shielding tensor for a series of paramagnetic nickel(II) acetylacetonate complexes, [Ni(acac)2L2] with L = H2O, D2O, NH3, ND3, and PMe2Ph have provided detailed insight into the origin of the paramagnetic contributions to the total shift tensor. This was(More)
Para-amino salicylate (PAS), a tuberculosis drug, was intercalated in three different layered double hydroxides (MgAl, ZnAl, and CaAl-LDH) and the samples were studied by multi-nuclear ((1)H, (13)C, and (27)Al) solid state NMR (SSNMR) spectroscopy in combination with powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD), elemental analysis and IR-spectroscopy to gain insight(More)
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