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Farmers have a high rate of suicide (1% of suicides in England and Wales). This study sought to test whether farmers would be less likely to have been in contact with primary or mental health services before death due to their reluctance to seek help. The study also sought to identify other characteristics that differentiated suicide among male farmers from(More)
This study aims to document the nature and extent of occupational stress in farming. A postal survey of farmers in the South West of England, was undertaken and results indicate high levels of occupational stress in farming families. 35% of respondents scored positively on the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) with female respondents showing significantly(More)
Changes in a couple's sexual relationship following childbirth may be more significant than previous studies have suggested. Around 50% of first-time parents in this study described their sex life as 'poor' or 'not very good' eight months after the birth of their baby, and one in five said that they would like help for this. First-time parents rating their(More)
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