Niccolo Privitera

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In this paper we address the main opportunities and challenges related to the use of a single carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA) waveform over a geostationary (GEO) satellite return link. More in details the impact of the satellite round-trip delay on SC-FDMA synchronisation acquisition is discussed and a possible solution for an efficient(More)
In this paper, we study the applicability of terrestrial mobile waveforms in the return link of a high throughput satellite (HTS) communication system. These include orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA), single-carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA) and filter bank multi-carrier (FBMC). Key solutions to the challenges in a(More)
In this paper, we present physical layer and system level techniques that can increase the capacity of a multi-beam high throughput satellite (HTS) communication system. These include advanced predistortion and equalization techniques for the forward link, synchronization and non-linear distortion minimization techniques for the return link waveforms.(More)
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