Nicaise Choungmo Fofack

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Many researchers have been working on the performance analysis of caching in Information-Centric Networks (ICNs) under various replacement policies like Least Recently Used (LRU), FIFO or Random (RND). However, no exact results are provided, and many approximate models do not scale even for the simple network of two caches connected in tandem. In this(More)
The performance evaluation of cache networks has gain a huge attention due to content-oriented delivery technologies. If general network topologies are more realistic than hierarchical networks widely studied in the literature, their analysis is significantly challenging. Existing models mainly focus on trees where content custodians are located at the root(More)
Caching is undoubtedly one of the most popular solution that easily scales up with a world-wide deployment of resources. Records in Domain Name System (DNS) caches are kept for a pre-set duration (time-to-live or TTL) to avoid becoming outdated. Modern caches are those that set locally the TTL regardless of what authoritative servers say. In this paper, we(More)
In this work, we analyze the power saving and its impact on web traffic performance when customers adopt the continuous connectivity paradigm. To this end, we provide a model for packet transmission and cost. We model each mobile user’s traffic with a realistic web traffic profile, and study the aggregate behavior of the users attached to a base station by(More)
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