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Fake or misleading multimedia content and its distribution through social networks such as Twitter constitutes an increasingly important and challenging problem, especially in the context of emergencies and critical situations. In this paper, the aim is to explore the challenges involved in applying a computational verification framework to automatically(More)
The use of social media as a source of news is entering a new phase as computer algorithms are developed and deployed to detect, rank, and verify news. The efficacy and ethics of such technology are the subject of this article, which examines the SocialSensor application, a tool developed by a multidisciplinary EU research project. The results suggest that(More)
This position paper explores how journalists can embrace new ways of content provision and authoring, by aggregating and analyzing content gathered from Social Media. Current challenges in the news media industry are reviewed and a new system for capturing emerging knowledge from Social Media is described. Novel features that assist professional journalists(More)
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