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The increasing quality of smartphone cameras and variety of photo editing applications, in addition to the rise in popularity of image-centric social media, have all led to a phenomenal growth in mobile-based photography. Advances in computer vision and machine learning techniques provide a large number of cloud-based services with the ability to provide(More)
8 e now live in a world where forms of mobile sensing – for example, the monitoring of physical activity, sleep habits or commute patterns using a mixture of inertial, location and audio sensors – that until recently were firmly in the domain of research, are now rapidly becoming commonplace application features. They are well known to consumers, present in(More)
Sensor-enabled smartphones are creating new application domains and transforming existing ones -- from mobile health to quantified-self, mobile sensing is radically changing the way we collect and mine information about people's activities, contexts, and social networks. A number of challenges stand in the way of delivering mobile sensing to the masses. For(More)
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