Nibir K. Dhar

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One-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures (nanowires (NWs), nanotubes, nanopillars, nanorods, etc.) based photodetectors (PDs) have been gaining traction in the research community due to their ease of synthesis and unique optical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties. Specifically, the physics and technology of NW PDs offer numerous insights(More)
This paper describes a real-time terahertz (THz) imaging system, using the combination of a palm-size THz camera with a compact quantum cascade laser (QCL). The THz camera contains a 320x240 microbolometer focal plane array which has nearly flat spectral response over a frequency range of ca. 1.5 to 100 THz, and operates at 30 Hz frame rate. The QCL is(More)
We report a simple sonochemical method for the seeding and synthesis of Zinc Oxide nanowire arrays that can be formed on a number of substrates that are stable in alcohol and aqueous solution. Vertically aligned ZnO NWs were synthesized from a single solution at room-ambient via ultrasonic excitation. Prior to the NW growth, a ZnO seed layer was deposited(More)
  • Ashok K. Sood, Robert A. Richwine, +6 authors Thomas G. Bramhall
  • 2010
SiGe based focal plane arrays offer a low cost alternative for developing visiblenear-infrared focal plane arrays that will cover the spectral band from 0.4 to 1.6 microns. The attractive features of SiGe based foal plane arrays take advantage of silicon based technology that promises small feature size, low dark current and compatibility with the low power(More)
Oblique-angle deposition of indium tin oxide (ITO) is used to fabricate optical thin-film coatings with a porous, columnar nanostructure. Indium tin oxide is a material that is widely used in industrial applications because it is both optically transparent and electrically conductive. The ITO coatings are fabricated, using electron-beam evaporation, with a(More)