Nianmei Hou

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BACKGROUND Relying on surveillance of clinical cases limits the ability to understand the full impact and severity of an epidemic, which urges a deep insight into the serological evidence of infection and transmission feature of pandemic H1N1 2009 (pH1N1) virus in Guangdong province. METHODS In this cross-sectional serological survey, serum samples were(More)
Adamantane and oseltamivir resistance among influenza viruses is a major concern to public health officials. To determine the prevalence of antiviral-resistant influenza viruses in Guangdong, China, 244 seasonal A (H1N1) and 222 pandemic A (H1N1) 2009 viruses were screened for oseltamivir resistance by a fluorescence-based neuraminidase (NA) inhibition(More)
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