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This paper presents a distributed vehicle virtual experiment platform constructed for research about Vehicle Driving Control at Energy-saving (VDCE), Which includes the distributed virtual driving scene system, vehicle driving control system, data collection system, and the distributed network platform etc. The platform was designed and carried out in order(More)
Based on distributed virtual reality technology, the vehicle simulator is studied in this paper. A model and construction of vehicle simulator is put forward. The vehicle simulator system is composed of six parts including input and output system, controlling system, sense, feedback system, etc. 3D modeling on virtual sense, dynamic model of vehicle control(More)
The paper presents a distributed interactive vehicle simulation system for driving training based on the distributed interactive simulation (DIS) technology. It describes the system requirements, presents the system design particularly the vision subsystem design, and discusses the key techniques for the implementation of the proposed system including(More)
Mechanical products normally consist of multi-parameter mechanisms. The uncertain factors resulted from the quantity of parameters and complicity of inter-relations shall give rise to problems of large dimensional arrays. Moreover, optimal models often contain functions of distinctive property, therefore feasible optimal methods are hard to find. On the(More)
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