Niande Jiang

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In H.264/AVC, it is a common phenomenon that the transformation coefficients of a block are quantized to zero. Such block is called a all-zero block(AZB). in the process of mode decision, if a AZB can be detected early, the overhead of following transformation and quantization can be avoided. This will lead magnificent saving in encoding time. A fast mode(More)
Based on the summary of the teaching experience on “Computer Graphics”, this paper discusses the significance of visualization instruction and carries out the design and realization on visualization instruction of computer graphics algorithm. It includes generation of basic primitives, geometric transformations of these geometric objects, area(More)
Practice teaching is an important aspect of university professional building and the important way and mean of ensuring the quality of talents training. Based on analyzing the current employment status of higher education graduates and the problems that practice teaching of university computer professional are facing, we introduce the exploration of the(More)
For the noise, blurry edge, bad contrast of the medical CT image, this article presents a medical CT image enhancing algorithm based on the mixture scope model of wavelet multi-scale transform. It uses wavelet multi-scale analysis to decompose the image signal to different direction sub-image, studies the different direction sub-pictorial information under(More)
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