Niancheng Zhou

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The influence of electric vehicle charging stations on power grid harmonics is becoming increasingly significant as their presence continues to grow. This paper studies the operational principles of the charging current in the continuous and discontinuous modes for a three-phase uncontrolled rectification charger with a passive power factor correction link,(More)
Unbalanced grid faults will lead to several drawbacks in the output power quality of photovoltaic generation (PV) converters, such as power fluctuation, current amplitude swell, and a large quantity of harmonics. The aim of this paper is to propose a flexible AC current generation method by selecting coefficients to overcome these problems in an optimal(More)
This paper presents an improved current source equivalent model method to determine the short-circuit current of a distribution system with multiple fixed-speed and variable-speed induction generators (IGs). The correlation coefficients of flux components between stator and rotor under the unsymmetrical fault are analyzed using the positive and negative(More)
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