Nian-Feng Tzeng

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This research focuses on RFID-based 3-D positioning schemes, aiming to locate an object in a 3-dimensional space, with reference to a predetermined arbitrary coordinates system, by using RFID tags and readers. More specifically, we consider a hexahedron which may be a shipping container, a storage room, or other hexahedral shape spaces. A number of RFID(More)
Hardware approaches for speedy IP lookups can be realized by making use of TCAMs (Ternary Content Addressable Memories), whose lookups utilize IP addresses as search keys with each search requiring only a single memory access. However, most existing TCAM-based forwarding engines involve shifting TCAM entries when the forwarding table is updated, typically(More)
This paper proposes to develop a system-wide energy consumption model for servers by making use of hardware performance counters and experimental measurements. We develop a real-time energy prediction model that relates server energy consumption to its overall thermal envelope. While previous studies have attempted system-wide modeling of server power(More)
Mutual exclusion in shared-memory multiprocessors is realized by employing a lock to determine the processor among those which compete for the critical section. Accesses to such a mutual exclusion lock may create heavy synchronization traffic and/or serious contention over the network, thereby degrading system performance considerably. In this paper, we(More)
Rapidly growing demand for high-speed networks has prompted the investigation into scalable routers that are capable of forwarding data at the aggregate rate of multiterabits per second. Such a router contains many line cards (LCs) for admitting external links of various speeds. Those LCs are interconnected by a switching fabric to provide paths for packets(More)
Cloud computing users are most concerned about the application turnaround time and the monetary cost involved. For lower monetary costs, less expensive services, like spot instancesofferedbyAmazon, are oftenmadeavailable, albeit to their relatively frequent resource unavailability that leads to on-going execution being evicted, thereby undercutting(More)
We present a distinct longest prefix matching (LPM) lookup scheme able to achieve exceedingly concise lookup tables (CoLT), suitable for scalable routers. Based on unified hash tables for handling both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously, CoLT excels over previous mechanisms in: 1) lower on-chip storage for lookup tables; 2) simpler table formats to enjoy richer(More)