Nian-Feng Chu

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The purpose of this article was to review the literature on the effectiveness of stopping smoking through acupoint stimulation. Topics of interest included traditional Chinese medicine theory, acupoints selected for use in smoking cessation therapies, and the effectiveness and outcomes of acupoint stimulation therapies targeting smoking cessation. It is(More)
Deinstitutionalization and the implementation of community psychiatry rehabilitation models define the future of psychiatric medical care in Taiwan. As such, managing and caring for psychiatric patients at the community level are increasingly important public health issues for county and city governments. A local public health authority in Taichung County(More)
This poster will demonstrate how we build up the module of Bayesian Coronary Artery Disease Predicting Evidence-Based Medicine. The system-module may help the young professional understand the effect of factors for referring patients to take the invasive examination of Angiographic.Moreover, the non-invasive information-tech also can perform as the(More)
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