Niamat Hussain

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A practical technique has been developed for the determinations of (234)Th simultaneously with (210)Po and (210)Pb in seawater samples, which greatly simplifies the on-board chemical procedures and enables an accurate correction of (234)Th ingrowth. A unique feature of this technique lies in the exact determination of co-precipitated (238)U following(More)
In this paper, we investigate and compare the radiation characteristics of a planar substrate-integrated Fabry-Perot cavity antenna designed with different unit-cell geometries. The antenna consists of a frequency selective surface (FSS) and a planar feeding structure, which are both lithographically patterned on a high-permittivity substrate. The planar(More)
An improved and time efficient technique has been developed for quantitative determination of the long-lived (222)Rn daughters ((210)Pb, (210)Po and (210)Bi) in atmospheric and oceanic samples. The sample is first spiked with yield tracers for polonium (208 or 209), bismuth (207), and lead (stable lead carrier). These nuclides may then be scavenged through(More)
This paper presents the design of a planar, low-profile, high-gain, wide-gain-bandwidth metasurface antenna with a multiple feeding structure. The antenna structure consists of a 5×5 array of square patch metasurface and a planar feeding structure, both of which are patterned on a high-permittivity, electrically thin, GaAs substrate. The metasurface(More)
In this paper, we optimized the small lens for a slit dipole antenna to behave as a leaky-wave antenna. An extended hemispherical silicon lens was attached at the back side of a slit dipole antenna and the antenna gain and radiation pattern characteristics were investigated over a frequency range from 200 to 400 GHz. The numerical results show that the(More)
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