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Previous studies in schizophrenia samples suggest negative symptoms can be categorized as expressivity or experiential. This study examines the structure of the Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms (SANS) at two separate interviews in a first episode psychosis (FEP) sample. SANS structure was determined with principal components analysis in a(More)
People experience delays in receiving effective treatment for many illnesses including psychosis. These delays have adverse consequences in heart disease and cancer, and their causes have been the subject of much research but only in recent years have pathways to care in psychosis received such attention. We sought to establish if, when and where people(More)
The ability of Staphylococcus aureus to adhere to adsorbed fibrinogen and fibrin is believed to be an important step in the initiation of biomaterial and wound-associated infections. In this study, we show that the binding site in fibrinogen for the recently identified S. aureus fibrinogen-binding protein clumping factor (ClfA) is within the C-terminus of(More)
Employment is generally beneficial to health and quality of life. Despite many advances in the treatment of psychosis there are continuing reports of high levels of unemployment. In most studies of first episode psychosis (FEP) only rudimentary rates of employment are provided. We sought to establish the prevalence of employment amongst those with FEP from(More)
AIM Quality of life (QOL) has gained recognition as a valid measure of outcome in first-episode psychosis (FEP). This study aimed to determine the influence of specific groups of depressive symptoms on separate domains of subjectively appraised QOL. METHODS We assessed 208 individuals with first-episode non-affective psychosis using measures of diagnosis(More)
BACKGROUND Patients who experience the onset of psychotic illness with a comorbid diagnosis of cannabis dependence experience poor clinical outcomes. Few studies have identified interventions that reduce cannabis use and improve clinical outcome in this population. AIMS We undertook a multi-center, randomized controlled trial of a group psychological(More)
BACKGROUND Intervening early in the course of psychotic illness may improve the long-term outcome. Early intervention requires early recognition, and one factor that influences early recognition is the level of mental health literacy (MHL) in the population. AIM To investigate the level of MHL regarding depression and psychosis in an Irish population. (More)
BACKGROUND There is an unclear relationship between mental health literacy (MHL) and psychiatric stigma. MHL is associated with both positive and negative attitudes to mental illness. To our knowledge, no published peer reviewed study has examined this relationship in the Republic of Ireland. AIMS This study was conducted to assess MHL regarding(More)
Acyclovir (ACV), an antiviral drug active in the treatment of oral and genital Herpes infections, has been evaluated for mutagenic and carcinogenic potential in a battery of in vitro and in vivo short-term assays. Negative results were obtained in the following in vitro tests: Ames Salmonella, plate incorporation and preincubation modification assays; E.(More)
Methapyrilene (MP), a sedating antihistamine, is a potent rat hepatocarcinogen which has been thought to be non-genotoxic on the basis of the negative results in a small number of short-term mutagenicity tests. The present studies show that MP is a moderately active mutagen in the L5178Y/TK +/-----TK-/- mouse lymphoma assay (MLA) in the presence of(More)