Niall A Munro

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Previous studies have shown that either fibrin spray or tranexamic acid can reduce blood loss at total hip replacement, but the 2 treatments have not been directly compared. We therefore conducted a randomized, controlled trial. PATIENTS AND METHODS In this randomized controlled trial we compared the effect of tranexamic acid and(More)
A prospective, randomised controlled trial compared the effects of two medications intended to reduce blood loss from total knee arthroplasty. Patients were randomised to one of the following three treatment groups: 10mg/kg tranexamic acid at given at induction of anaesthesia, 10 ml of fibrin spray administered topically during surgery, or to a control(More)
A 43 year old man presented with decreased sensitivity in the left side of the face and both upper limbs, and with upbeat nystagmus and skew deviation. MRI demonstrated a well defined lesion compatible with an infarct in the left side of the medulla, caudal and ventral to the vestibular nuclei, possibly involving the most caudal of the perihypoglossal(More)
BACKGROUND Mini-incision total hip replacement continues the current trend in orthopaedics and other specialties toward smaller-incision surgery. The purpose of this systematic review was to assess the effectiveness and safety of single mini-incision compared with standard-incision total hip replacement for treatment of arthritis of the hip. METHODS We(More)
Verrucous carcinoma is a rare skin malignancy of squamous cell origin. It is characterised by negligible cellular atypia and a low mitotic rate. These are reflected in slow locally invasive behaviour and very infrequent metastatic spread. The tumour is also recognised in oral and anogenital sites. Cutaneous lesions present most commonly on the sole of the(More)
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