Nial Muecke

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There are many different approaches for settling disputes on-line, such as simple email systems, fixed bid systems and intelligent systems. However, to date there have been no attempts to integrate decision support methods into the dispute resolution process for the purpose of supporting outcomes that are consistent with judicial reasoning. This paper(More)
Current approaches for the design of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) systems involve the replication of Alternative Dispute Resolution practices such as mediation and negotiation. Though such systems have been found to be popular, there are concerns that these systems fail to take into account judicial practices. In this paper a system that supports(More)
  • Nial Muecke
  • 2006 International Conference on Computational…
  • 2006
Alternative dispute resolutions systems are not uncommon in Australian family law, however to date these systems are largely negotiation based and are not designed for producing judicially fair outcomes. This paper proposes an online dispute resolution approach that aims to support divorcees to resolve property issues in a manner that is consistent with(More)
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