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Excessive autophagy aggravates myocardial ischemia/reperfusion (IR) injury. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) has been shown to possess a strong cardioprotective effect due to its anti-necrosis, anti-apoptosis, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Our previous study showed that H2S could also protect the myocardium against IR injury through its(More)
Australian Standard White wheat, Triticum aestivum L. (a marketing grade with mixed grain hardness),with a moisture content of 12.5% was fumigated with a new ethyl formate formulation (95% ethyl formate plus 5% methyl isothiocyanate) identified and developed by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization Entomology, Canberra, Australia.(More)
Most herbal medicines could be processed to fulfill the different requirements of therapy. The purpose of this study was to discriminate between raw and processed Dipsacus asperoides, a common traditional Chinese medicine, based on their near infrared (NIR) spectra. Least squares-support vector machine (LS-SVM) and random forests (RF) were employed for(More)
The CM 1-8 UWB statistical channel impulse response (OR) models adopted by the IEEE 802.15.4a task group are widely used to fairly compare the performance of alternative UWB signaling schemes under representative line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight conditions in four different environments: residential, office, industrial, and outdoor. However, with the(More)
The objective of this clinical paper is to demonstrate an effective process to achieve relative long-term functional and aesthetic stability after the treatment of skeletal tongue source open bites. This therapy consisted of applying Delaire's architectural analysis as the cephalometry to make treatment plan corresponding to the patients' own(More)
The purpose is to determine the value of preoperative evaluation on developmental levels using Gesell score in predicting the postoperative outcome in pediatric cochlear implantation (CI) recipients. 78 children who underwent CI were included in our study. Age at the time of CI ranged from 6 to 67 months. The Gesell score including adaptability, fine motor,(More)
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