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Anillin (ANLN), an actin-binding protein, is required for cytokinesis. Recently, ANLN has been identified as a biomarker in diverse human cancers; however, the precise role of ANLN in breast cancer remains unclear. In this study, we firstly detected the expression of ANLN in 71 patients with breast cancer by immunohistochemistry, and found ANLN was highly(More)
BACKGROUND Brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) was originally described in the nervous system but has been shown to be expressed in ovary tissues recently, acting as a paracrine/autocrine regulator required for developments of follicles and oocytes. Although it is generally accepted that chronic stress impairs female reproduction and decreases the(More)
Airports and their terminal airspaces are key choke points in the air transportation system, where most delays are generated. Solutions to mitigate these choke points have consisted mostly of isolated concepts and capabilities that are applied to components of the system. Integrated solutions are needed in order to reap the benefits of the isolated(More)
Due to high demand and adverse weather conditions, aircraft often spend excessive time taxiing and waiting for takeoff during congested time periods at major airports. The excessive taxi time causes considerable costs in terms of fuel burn and surface emissions. The next generation air transportation system proposes to optimize airport surface operations in(More)
Airports and their terminal airspaces are key choke points in the air transportation system causing major delays and adding to pollution. A solution aimed at mitigating these chokepoints integrates the scheduling of runway operations, flight release from the gates and ramp into the airport movement area, and merging with other traffic competing for(More)
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