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The Arable Land Dynamic Analysis and Intensive Use Evaluation of Baoquanling Reclamation in Heilongjiang Province
Making Baoquanling Reclamatio as research object,using the concepts of land use changes in rates and land use degree composite index to analyze the dynamic change process of the arable land from landExpand
The application of the GM(1,1) model on the prediction of sustainable land use in Hulan District (County) of Harbin City
Based on the land use data of HuLan County from 1994 to 2003,the article do empirical research on the sustainable land use level by principal component analysis,and forecasts land utilizationExpand
Separation performance of flotation column with inclined plates in the froth zone
Abstract Cyclonic micro-bubble flotation column (FCMC) has been widely used in Chinese coal preparation plants. It shows a good separation performance of fine coal slimes. Joining inclined platesExpand
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Impact of Demographic Transition on Economic Growth in China:An analysis of Spatial Panel Model based on provincial data
Due to focusing on the pace of economic development and the sustainability of economic development mode,the demographic dividend has once again become the focus of academic and policy circles.But theExpand
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Removal of organic carbon in coal-series kaolin using gravity separation
ABSTRACT Coal-series kaolin, a precious associated nonmetal mineral in coal mines, shows high industrial value. However, it usually contains organic carbon and a small amount of impurities includingExpand
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Sedimentary characteristics and reservoir properties of the Shahejie Formation braided river delta in Raoyang Sag
The Shahejie Formation in Raoyang Sag mainly comprises a set of terrigenous clastics such as conglomerate,conglomeratic sandstone,sandstone,siltstone and mudstone. A study of sedimentaryExpand
Analysis on the land use dynamic change at Hulan District(County) of Harbin City
This article analyses land use actual state and dynamic change process of HuLan District(County),uses Mathematical Methods,such as the land use structure information entropy,equilibrium degree andExpand
Determination of Heavy Elements in Color Cigarette Paper by DRC-ICP-MS
After color cigarette paper samples were digested with microwave digestion,the Cr,Ni,As,Se,Cd,Hg and Pb were determined by DRC-ICP-MS.Y was added as internal standard to eliminate the matrixExpand