Nhung T. H. Nguyen

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RIG-I is a key cytosolic RNA sensor that mediates innate immune defense against RNA virus. Aberrant RIG-I activity leads to severe pathological states such as autosomal dominant multi-system disorder, inflammatory myophathies and dermatomyositis. Therefore, identification of regulators that ensure efficient defense without harmful immune-pathology is(More)
RIG-I is a cytosolic receptor recognizing virus-specific RNA structures and initiates an antiviral signaling that induces the production of interferons and proinflammatory cytokines. Because inappropriate RIG-I signaling affects either viral clearance or immune toxicity, multiple regulations of RIG-I have been investigated since its discovery as the viral(More)
Interactive or Incremental Statistical Machine Translation (IMT) aims to provide a mechanism that allows the statistical models involved in the translation process to be incrementally updated and improved. The source of knowledge normally comes from users who either post-edit the entire translation or just provide the translations for wrongly translated(More)
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