Nhi-Ha T. Trinh

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CONTEXT Cholinesterase inhibitors are the primary treatment for the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer disease (AD). Cholinergic dysfunction is also associated with neuropsychiatric and functional deficits, but results from randomized controlled trials of cholinesterase inhibitors are conflicting. OBJECTIVE To conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis to(More)
Burgeoning estimates of the prevalence of childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) raise the possibility of a widespread risk factor. We seek to assess whether artificial food colorings (AFCs) contribute to the behavioral symptomatology of hyperactive syndromes. We searched ten electronic databases for double-blind placebo-controlled trials(More)
Many depressed Chinese immigrants are unfamiliar with Western psychiatric terminology and have high levels of stigma toward psychiatric illnesses, making it difficult to engage them into psychiatric treatment. We have designed the Engagement Interview Protocol (EIP), a semi-standardized protocol that incorporates cultural components to a standard(More)
Background. A steady rise in the prevalence of depression among college students has negatively affected student quality of life. This study investigates the feasibility and acceptability of a Web-based model, including Skype, to screen and provide psychiatric consultation to depressed college students. Methods. Students completed the 9-item Patient Health(More)
Significant disparities exist in both access to and quality of mental health care for Latino Americans with depression compared to Caucasians, resulting in a greater burden of disability in this underserved population. Our aim is to evaluate participant acceptability of a Culturally Focused Psychiatric (CFP) consultation program for depressed Latino(More)
Novel interventions have been developed to bridge disparities in accessing mental health care for minority populations. However, challenges arise when trying to implement and study novel interventions in real-world community settings. Our objective is to describe the challenges implementing the Culturally Focused Psychiatric (CFP) Consultation Program for(More)
OBJECTIVE This study compared trends in racial-ethnic disparities in mental health care access among whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians by using the Institute of Medicine definition of disparities as all differences except those due to clinical appropriateness, clinical need, and patient preferences. METHODS Racial-ethnic disparities in mental health(More)
OBJECTIVE to address the question of whether a mortality risk associated with depression in a 1952 representative sample of Stirling County adults changed in a new sample in 1970, and whether there was a change in associations with cigarette smoking and alcoholism. METHOD sample members were interviewed about depression and cigarette smoking. General(More)
This study investigates the feasibility and effectiveness of providing telepsychiatry services to Chinese immigrants in a nursing home. The psychiatrist interviewed patients face-to-face for the initial consultation, and encouraged them to participate in this study to receive telepsychiatry-based follow-up visits. The feasibility and outcomes of(More)
OBJECTIVE Bereavement-related depression is excluded from a diagnosis of major depressive episode (MDE) in DSM-IV, unless the syndrome is prolonged or complicated. The objective of this study is to assess the validity of the bereavement exclusion by comparing characteristics of bereavement-related episodes that are excluded from a diagnosis and(More)