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BAP31 is an endoplasmic reticulum protein-sorting factor that associates with newly synthesized integral membrane proteins and controls their fate (i.e., egress, retention, survival, or degradation). BAP31 is itself an integral membrane protein and a constituent of several large protein complexes. Here, we show that a part of the BAP31 population interacts(More)
The main challenge in an automated diagnostic system for the early diagnosis of melanoma is the correct segmentation and classification of moles, often occluded by hair in images obtained with a dermoscope. Hair occlusion causes segmentation algorithms to fail to identify the correct nevus border, and can cause errors in estimating texture measures. We(More)
—Problems related to brown plant hopper outbreaks management in the Mekong Delta-Vietnam are complex and need aggregating information across administrative scales. Brown plant hoppers density and environmental indicators are main factors that support stakeholders have suitable decision making. Due to detail levels of information are different from field(More)
—DICOM specifies that digital data values should be linearly mapped to just-noticable differences (JNDs) in luminance. Increasing the number of JNDs available requires increasing the display's dynamic range. However, operating over too wide a range may cause human observers to miss contrast in dark regions due to adaptation to bright areas or,(More)
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