Nhat-Duc Hoang

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Construction projects frequently face cost overruns during the construction phase. Thus, a proactive approach is essential for monitoring project costs and detection of potential problems. In construction management, Estimate at Completion (EAC) is an indicator for assisting project managers in identifying potential problems and developing appropriate(More)
In the construction industry, evaluating the financial status of a contractor is a challenging task due to the myriad of the input data as well as the complexity of the working environment. This article presents a novel hybrid intelligent approach named as Evolutionary Least Squares Support Vector Machine Inference Model for Predicting Contractor Default(More)
Heavy rainfall and typhoon oftentimes cause the collapse of hillslopes across mountain roads. Disastrous consequences of slope collapses necessitate the approach for predicting their occurrences. In practice, slope collapse prediction can be formulated as a deterministic classification problem with two class labels, namely “collapse” and “non-collapse”.(More)
Slope stability assessment is a critical research area in civil engineering. Disastrous consequences of slope collapse necessitate better tools for predicting their occurrences. This research proposes a hybrid Artificial Intelligence (AI) for slope stability assessment based on metaheuristic and machine learning. The contribution of this study to the body(More)
Diaphragm wall is a widely used method for excavating the foundation of buildings. Foundation construction plays a prominent role since it is a predecessor of many other activities. Therefore, estimating the diaphragm wall duration at the planning phase is a practical need of the project manager. This research proposes an artificial intelligence method,(More)