Nhan T. Nguyen

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Hard turning with cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools has been proven to be more effective and efficient than traditional grinding operations in machining hardened steels. However, rapid tool wear is still one of the major hurdles affecting the wide implementation of hard turning in industry. Better prediction of the CBN tool wear progression helps to optimize(More)
The recently described oncogene ZNF217 belongs to a chromosomal region that is frequently amplified in human cancers. Recent findings have revealed that alternative mechanisms such as epigenetic regulation also govern the expression of the encoded ZNF217 protein. Newly discovered molecular functions of ZNF217 indicate that it orchestrates complex(More)
— This paper presents a fuzzy nonlinear controller to regulate the longitudinal dynamics of an aircraft and suppress the bending and torsional vibrations of its flexible wings. The fuzzy controller utilizes full-state feedback with input constraint. First, the Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy linear model is developed which approximates the coupled aeroelastic aircraft(More)
Diffusive flux of bioavailable soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) across the sediment–water interface is one mechanism by which sediments can be a source of phosphorus to the water column in aquatic systems and contribute to primary productivity. This process is dependent on sediment biogeochemistry and SRP concentration gradients at the sediment–water(More)