Ngwe Thawdar

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Reservoir Computing (RC) is a recent neurologically inspired concept for processing time dependent data that lends itself particularly well to hardware implementation by using the device physics to conduct information processing. In this paper, we apply RC to channel estimation in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) systems. Due to the(More)
In this paper, a graphene-based plasmonic phase modulator for Terahertz band (0.1-10 THz) communication is proposed, modeled and analyzed. The modulator is based on a fixed-length graphene-based plasmonic waveguide, and leverages the possibility to tune the propagation speed of Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) waves on graphene by modifying the Fermi energy(More)
Graphene-based plasmonic antennas could enable ultrabroadband communication among nanodevices in the Terahertz band (0.1-10 THz). Despite significant progress in graphene synthesis, the fabrication, manipulation, and placement of precisely formed graphene-based nanostructures still pose many practical challenges. In this letter, by comparing analytical(More)
Graphene-based plasmonic nano-antennas are envisioned as an enabling component for compact communication systems in the Terahertz (THz) band (0.1–10 THz). Despite their high efficiency and due to their reduced size, the total radiation power of individual nano-antennas is expectedly very low. To overcome this limitation, plasmonic nano-antenna arrays(More)
In this work, we implement and demonstrate differential amplify-and-forward (DAF) cooperative relaying as a novel diversity technique to combat bit errors and outages common in airborne environments. By using differential modulation and demodulation, we reduce the system complexity by avoiding channel estimation which is often unreliable or computationally(More)
We investigate the problem of embedding data in raw video sequences with minimum video mean-square distortion for any required data recovery error rate. In particular, for any given video frame sequence and any (block) transform domain of interest, we find the optimal carrier and scalar parametrized linear operator on the video data that maximize the output(More)
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