Nguyet T. M. Nguyen

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Because of the growing complexity of wireless sensor network applications (WSNs), traditional software development tools are being developed that are specifically designed for their special characteristics. However, testing tools have yet to be proposed. One problem in developing testing tools is the need for a program representation that expresses the(More)
BACKGROUND Laminin gamma2 (Lamc2), one of the polypeptides in laminin-332 (laminin-5), is prominent in the basement membrane of alveolar walls and airways of developing and adult lung. Laminins are important for lung morphogenesis and based on its localization, a function for laminin gamma2 in lung development has been hypothesized. Targeted deletion of the(More)
A word of thanks First and foremost, I would like to sincerely thank my supervisors, Patrick Marchesiello, Sylvain Ouillon and Đinh Văn Ưu for their guidance and generous supports throughout this study. I specially thank to Patrick, who has dedicated his time and put a lot of effort toward this research. Every time we discussed, I was energized and(More)
With the number of cores increasing rapidly but the performance per core increasing slowly at best, software must be parallelized in order to improve performance. Manual parallelization is often prohibitively time-consuming and error-prone (especially due to data races and memory-consistency complexities), and some portions of code may simply be too(More)
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